Our approach

Practical learning designed for change

Our experiential learning framework encourages students to look at finance from a new angle while providing the all-around skills development that will prepare them to succeed in the new economy.

And we do it within a matter of months, not years.

We aim to teach what the textbooks don’t about Saudi Arabian finance, all brought to life by experts in their fields. For example, you’ll learn how to work with the Saudi tax authority, manage a complex IPO, or get a pension fund to adopt your portfolio strategy.

Over the six months of the course, you will also learn the softer yet still critically important skills essential to finance and accounting, including problem-solving, relationship-building, presentation, and leadership.

And we’ll get you up to speed in months not years while ensuring you’re ready to hit the ground running.

The new world of finance requires new approaches.

Unlike traditional academic courses, our approach combines the best of academia with cutting-edge learning techniques, and exposure to mentoring from experts at the cutting edge of the industry.

Through real-life case studies, gamification, and thought-provoking simulations requiring practical applications of models, theories, and insights provided by our faculty and industry insiders, students develop the technical and professional skills, work ethic, and perspectives that future employers and clients value.

Delivered virtually, this unique model of instruction and mentorship provides the all-around development that will prepare the new generation to enter the professional world and make our alumni uniquely adapted to the real world of finance.

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We are also extremely proud to partner with IE University, providing students the opportunity to work with enthusiastic and best-in-class academics while accessing the latest thinking and cutting-edge financial research from around the world.