Altamayyuz Academy Enrichment Program

As the financial industry is liberalized, and the financial world changes, we aim to equip the best and brightest Saudi Participants and young professionals with the skills to thrive in this new economy

Altamayyuz Academy Enrichment Program will teach you what the textbooks can’t about Saudi Arabian finance, all brought to life by experts in their field.

Developed in collaboration with our founding members and delivered via faculty from IE University, the program is structured to provide the real-world experience you need to get to the next level – all within a matter of months.

The real-world insight, coupled with the relationships you make with your mentors, lecturers and fellow Participants, will fast-track your career towards becoming a future leader in the world of finance.

The result? Real-world ready in months not years.

Altamayyuz Academy Enrichment Program

The Altamayyuz Academy Enrichment Program is specifically structured to provide the real-world experience you need to get to the next level – all in a matter of months.

Enrichment Program (Blended - Virtual & Face-to-Face) - Employees only

Taught by professors who bring the right balance of real-world financial knowledge with years of teaching experience.

We build on your theoretical knowledge through real-world simulations and case studies requiring practical application of models and insights from professors and industry insiders representing our founding members.

And because many of the most valuable business skills are behavior-driven, developed through our day-to-day interactions and relationships, our program also emphasizes soft skills including presentation delivery, relationship building, and team leadership.

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